Alarm Annunciators

MTL RTK 725B Alarm Annunciator & Event Recorder

Multi-redundant alarm annunciator with modular design up to 256 channels and 1ms event recording.


  • Bipolar inputs: accepts AC and DC voltages
  • Up to 256 alarm ways
  • Up to 32 output relays
  • 2 integral audibles included
  • 1ms event recording functionality

It is a versatile and reliable solution for industrial applications, featuring CANBUSĀ® internal communications and isolated RS485 serial communications (supporting 2 or 4 wire configurations) to ensure robust data transmission. With an optional integral PSU accommodating a wide input range of 85-264VAC and 88-300VDC, it offers operational flexibility. Also, supports multiple protocols including RS485 Modbus, RTK/AMS for precise timestamping, and TCP/IP DNP3.0, making it ideal for seamless integration and effective monitoring in diverse industrial environments.

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